Services at Saint Andrew’s are provided for all of our worship needs and circumstances. We extend an open invitation to all in our community to share in a personal experience with Christ.

— Deacon Joe DeLauter


Nobody comes to church the first time because they have nothing else to do. Everybody comes looking for something. We hope to help you find what you are looking for.

— Madeline Johnson


I became a member of our church community by finding a good match between my talents and the needs of various programs and committees. I invite you to find your niche and to contribute to the life of Saint Andrew’s.

— Dick Gibboney



How does one carry out the Christian mandate to help the poor and less fortunate? A way that I have found to be deeply satisfying is the personal involvement that work with Parishioners’ Ministry entails.

— Don Hopkins

Family Album

The ebullient bustle and joy of life at Saint Andrew’s — seen so clearly on the faces of children — is a constant reminder of the community of Christ that we are all called to be: one of support, nurture, kindness, acceptance … and great laughter.

— Ted Christopher, pictured with daughter Anna


Music makes the liturgy come alive at Saint Andrew’s. It enhances our worship experience as it draws us deeper into the heart of God.

— Gwen Catchen

About Us

Saint Andrew’s manifests many of the best traits of the Episcopal Church — a strong tradition of worship, a vital education program, an active youth ministry and a long history of community service.

— Gary Knoppers


Weekly worship services: Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 8am, 10am, and 5pm; Holy Eucharist Service of Healing every Wednesday at 12:15pm.

Our Community Cafe is open for dinner every Thursday 5-7pm.

We believe everybody is welcome and belongs at God’s table – regardless of race, ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, capability or circumstances of life.